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Our Story

Scholars International Group has been educating children for over 45 years. We are an organization dedicated to providing high calibre, achievement-oriented schools in support of the development of the next generation of leaders. From our first school Dubai Scholars Private School (Al Qusais), which was opened in 1976, to our second school, Scholars International Academy (Sharjah), opened in 2007, to our third school, Clarion School (Al Qouz), opened in 2016, to our newest addition, Early Explorers Nursery (located within the Al Zahia community, Sharjah), our mission has remained consistent; to enrich the education provision for the children of the UAE. In line with our commitment to excellence, we have expanded our educational offerings through iXCEL, a global tutoring platform, enabling students worldwide to access exceptional educational opportunities.

Our CEO's Journey


Our Sustainable Commitment

Making Sustainable Living The Default Option

We have taken on a 360 approach to making sure we offer an inclusive and equitable Quality Education to children in various developing countries along with providing urgent action towards combating Climate Change and its impact.

Be part of the change, take your own small but actionable steps to leave the world a better place for our children.
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Our Educational Institutes

Discover the Path to Transformational Education for Your Child

At Scholars International Group we offer quality education within the reach of every learner. Our curriculum extends and excites all students, whatever their interests or ability. Each school is spread around various locations helping you find the perfect school for your family.

Clarion School

The Leading Progressive American Education in the UAE

Scholars International Academy

The first High Performance school in Sharjah

Dubai Scholars

High quality British education with 45 years of educational excellence

Early Explorers

High-Standard Early Years education emphasizing on child-initiated, experiential learning


Redefining excellence across diverse domains

We are a dynamic organization committed to delivering exceptional experiences and opportunities across multiple sectors.

Our diverse portfolio of businesses showcases our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and meeting the evolving needs of our community.

Together, let's shape a future that embraces boundless opportunities and inspires generations to reach new heights of achievement.


Global Tutoring Platform that is committed to providing outstanding educational opportunities to students worldwide

Premier Padel

High-quality courts for private or group coaching, partner-pairing services, tournaments, and group and junior trainings

The Sports Academy

Full-circle facility designed to update the way men, women and children approach fitness

Hudson FSM

Explore an exceptional range of facility rentals through our partnerships with the best institutions across the UAE

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Join Our Team

We are always looking for professionals with growth mindsets and a drive for excellence. Please send your CV by clicking the apply now button below.