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Scholars International Group (SIG) has been educating children for over 45 years. Our schools are environments where children thrive. Our philosophy is to instill within our educators the power to give every child a curiosity for life, a quest for knowledge and a confidence to achieve at their highest level. Our classrooms are environments where student interests are broadened, talents are nurtured and minds are challenged. We honor the trust in Scholars International Group schools to provide your child with the best education possible.

Like our students, we are continually evolving as a group. Education is a dynamic field and we continually reiterate and grow ourselves. From incorporating the current pedagogies and curriculum changes to mandatory teacher development courses, we always seek new ways to improve upon ourselves. And while we continue to grow ourselves, we still maintain the very principles on which we were built: respect, curiosity and responsibility. It is these principles that have allowed us to create the environment from which our students excel.